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How Many Queries Do I Need to Run?

How Many Queries do I need to Run Infographic. Accesible text only version below.
How Many Queries do I need to Run Infographic. Accessible version below.

How Many Queries Do I Need to Run?

for health plans, hospitals, networks, and similar health care systems

Centralized Credentialing Decentralized Credentialing
Dr. Wilson applies to NoMed Health System, which has one decision-making body for all of its facilities. Dr. Smith applies to AdMed Health System, which has three decision-making bodies for its four facilities.
The NoMed credentialing office assembles a file on Dr. Wilson with one query response. The AdMed credentialing office assembles three files on Dr. Smith with a different query for each facility to share with the separate decision-making bodies.
They share it with the decision-making body, who is responsible for all facilities oversight, including conducting credentialing and peer review processes. AdMed has three decision-making bodies that are responsible for the oversight of their own facilities. They decide for their facilities if they want to grant privileges to Dr. Smith.
The board grants privileges. Dr. Wilson can now work at any NoMed facility within the health system.
  • One board doesn't grant privileges.
  • Two boards grant privileges. One of the AdMed boards makes decisions for two facilities.
    • Dr. Smith may only work at the AdMed facilities that the two boards oversee.