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How to Interpret Your Self-Query Results

The Self-Query Response Cover Page

After the NPDB processes your Self-Query, you will receive a Self-Query Response Cover Page , followed by your Self-Query Response Page , which includes Section A: Subject Identification Information and a Section B: Summary of Reports on File with the Data Bank .

No Reports Found

If you have no reports found in the NPDB, Section B of your response will state "No Reports" next to each of the 10 report types listed and "No Reports Found Based on the Subject Information Submitted" at the bottom of the page.

Reports Found

If you have one or more reports in the NPDB, Section B of your response will state "Yes, See Below" next to the report type, followed by a summarized list of all available report(s).

The Report(s)

Any reports found in the NPDB are listed beginning with the report header , which includes the name of the entity that took the action, the action type, the date of the action, the basis for the initial action, any subsequent actions, and any related reports.

In addition, your DCN (document control number) is listed. You must keep your DCN to sign in to the report response service for any future communication and activity regarding your report.

"END OF REPORT" indicates the end of a single report listed in Section B. If you have more than one report, the additional reports will follow "END OF REPORT."