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Why did I receive another notice of a Revision-to-Action Report? What is a Revision-to-Action Report?

A Revision-to-Action Report is a report of an action that modifies an adverse action previously reported to the NPDB. A Revision-to-Action Report does not replace a previously reported adverse action but rather is treated as a separate action that pertains to the previous action. Both reports become part of the disclosable record. The entity that reports an initial adverse action also must report any modification of that action.

Examples of when a Revision-to-Action Report should be submitted include:

  • When additional sanctions have been taken against the subject of a report based on a previously reported incident
  • When the length of action has been extended or reduced
  • When clinical privileges, professional society membership, accreditation, program participation, or a license has been reinstated
  • When the original suspension or probationary period has ended

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